The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook, Newest Edition.

The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook, Newest Edition.

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By Brett Dufur. ISBN: 978-1-891708-46-6. $21.95.

America’s Longest Rails-to-Trails Project. This is the newest edition - completely updated & revised 11th Edition.

Definitive guide to the services, towns, people, places and history along Missouri's 225-mile Katy Trail, America's Longest Rails-To-Trails Project. Maps, 90 photographs, fold out of entire trail, mileage charts and more. 192 pages. 

Explore Missouri's 240-mile Katy Trail State Park with the trail "bible." The Katy Trail now extends from Clinton to Machens. The Katy Trail is America's longest rails-to-trails project. The Katy Trail is also the longest public, non-motorized portion of the entire Lewis and Clark Trail. The Katy Trail and the Missouri River corridor are popular heritage travel and recreation destinations. 

This guidebook covers the many distinctive towns along Missouri’s 240-mile long Katy Trail as it follows the Missouri River and passes through the world’s ‘breadbasket’ of agriculture and Missouri’s legendary wine country.

This guidebook includes handy service information for each town, maps, and photographs and features some one-of-a-kind individuals you’ll meet along the way. Whether you’re biking the trail, hiking it, or traveling from town to town by car, this guidebook is the perfect resource for every traveler. Longer stories are also included for rainy-day armchair odysseys. 

Reviews of The Complete Katy Trail Guidebook:

Where most guidebook authors finish, Brett is just getting warmed up... This book contains fun facts not even a history teacher would know... St. Louis Times

An excellent guide to the Katy... I have seen another guidebook devoted to Missouri's Katy Trail, but this one is hands-down the best. It covers the Katy from west to east and has a wealth of historical information on the towns along the trail. There is also a fold-out map of the trail and a table of mileages between points along the trail. Good information is given on services available along the trail. Overall, this is an excellent trail guide to the Katy Trail and an excellent book in general... Patrick Harrington

Brett seems to have picked up a few pointers from William Least Heat Moon, whose Blue Highways and PrairyErth achieve depth through historical anecdotes and colorful character descriptions... For day-trippers as well as long-distance bikers and hikers, the Katy Trail Guidebook is a worthwhile investment... Ozark Sierran

Brett's guide gives a feel for the towns with his insightful descriptions and photographs. He uses imagery to portray what is to be found there... Missouri Weekend

Brett, a journalist by schooling, has an eye for stories... And after a long jaunt through Latin America, he knows the value of a good guidebook... Columbia Daily Tribune

The Katy Trail Guidebook is a ‘must have’ for anyone interested in our Missouri heritage. The book is more than a guidebook for bicyclists and walkers…it is also an insightful look at the history of the Katy Railroad and the many small communities that grew up along the railroad... Antioch Publication

The guidebook is readable, thorough and permeated with a tone of infectious mirth... Boone County Journal